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One of the fastest growing payroll service bussinesses in the UK today*

Working with contractors, client companies and agencies in the telecoms, construction, overhead powerlines, utilities and civil engineering sectors
, proactive payroll management partner Earn Extra, has been described as 'one of the fastest growing payroll service businesses in the UK today' by the world's leading provider of market reports and company analysis, Plimsoll.  The company's performance has also been rated as 'strong' in Plimsoll's new analysis of the UK's 233 largest Payroll & H R Software companies.

Expanding team and knowledgeable payroll expertise The Yorkshire-based business is going from strength-to-strength with 3 new team members joining the Earn Extra team in the last 12 months bringing senior payroll and banking sector experience to the company.

Investment in technology and communication 
Since 2006, Earn Extra has managed over 2,500 clients and contractors, and with investment in leading client management technology and the development of a new website, which features a secure and easy-to-use customer on-line portal, the company's customer base has grown 9% since the start of 2014.

Sharon Suttle, Earn Extra's operations director said: 'Despite the economic downturn and the difficulties the construction and related sectors have experienced, we attribute our growth to our commitment to our customers. We are always developing our professional experience in UK-based payroll and recruitment. Our knowledgeable approach makes life simple and straightforward for our customers, which means they keep coming back and, spreading the word.

We've taken a more proactive approach to communicating with our customers too with the launch of our new website, where we can advise on the very latest legislation and financial updates. It also gives customers, old and new, the chance to sign up for our newsletters. Social media is also starting to play a bigger part in keeping people up-to-date and sharing information.'

Recent contract wins for Earn Extra include a large traffic management company, a BDUK (Broadband Delivery UK) contract and more activity in the overhead powerlines sector.