Make your work life simple and straightforward

As a specialist umbrella and payroll company working in the telecoms, construction, overhead powerlines, utilities and civil engineering sectors – we’re committed to delivering the best outcomes.

Since our inception in 2006, our tailored-solutions approach has made us a popular choice for client companies, recruitment agencies and contractors working in these sectors.

The Earn Extra services are designed to make your work life as simple and straightforward as possible.

As a contractor working in the telecoms, construction, overhead powerlines, utilities and civil engineering sectors, you are likely to choose either the Earn Extra Umbrella service or the Earn Extra CIS service, and for those of you who employ teams we can provide you with a tailored PAYE Payroll service too.

Earn Extra Umbrella service 

The efficient employment option

For contractors, Earn Extra's Umbrella service is able to provide a more consistent and secure alternative employment option.  
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Earn Extra Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Service 

The construction employment solution

Building on years of experience in the construction sector, we provide an expert service to UK contractors, client companies and agencies (and the equivalent for RCT in the Republic of Ireland). 
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Earn Extra PAYE Payroll service

The essential service

We can make the administration of employing and paying workers easier, so that you can concentrate on your core business. 
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Sometimes you may need a little extra help 

Regular on-time payments

You will always get paid on-time at Earn Extra. With robust processes and procedures in place and rigorous attention to detail, we work to ensure payments are made on-time.

Late timesheet flexibility

With contracting life often meaning long hours and time away from home, timesheets can get forgotten or delayed. We offer services that enable you to submit your timesheets 24/7. If you do miss a deadline though you can always call us to find out the best course of action. Of course ensuring your timesheets are submitted on-time means we work efficiently and consistently to ensure regular, on-time payments.

On-line access 24/7 365 days

The secure E-Portal ensures Earn Extra contractors are able to view personal information easily, complete and submit timesheets and access key documents. Find out more here.

Advice and support

One of the tough aspects of contracting is not knowing who to turn to for advice and support. The Earn Extra team is available via email and telephone.

Our professional experience in UK-based payroll, recruitment, employment, combined with sector experience, means we will know how best to help you. If there’s anything you don’t understand, or you need general support with employment correspondence and information, please contact the Earn Extra team.

Employment and regulation updates

We keep you up-to-date with changes to regulations and employment circumstances to ensure the correct procedures are followed and all activities are compliant.

Information at your fingertips

The Earn Extra email newsletter, E-News provides an update on key information and activities, it will also remind you of important dates. The Contractor Support section on the website offers extra information that you will find useful. Leave us your comments on the Extra Blog and discover more about what's happening at Earn Extra on our Facebook page.

Find out more

Talk to one of our friendly advisors for easy registration or to find out more: 
Call us on 01484 713147

Operating in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland

Earn Extra is experienced in providing services for companies and individuals operating in the Republic of Ireland. 
We are the experienced link between contractors, client companies and recruitment agencies working in the telecoms, construction, overhead powerlines, utilities and civil engineering sectors. Our services are fully-tailored to meet the requirements of the individual contractors, client companies and recruitment agencies operating in these sectors.
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