Inspirium Ltd

"Inspirium have worked with Earn Extra for the past 4 years in a demanding and competitive market. We consider the management and staff at Earn Extra to be amongst the best we have worked with in our 20 years in the recruitment industry.

What makes Earn Extra stand out from the crowd is their genuine willingness to work in partnership, between us as the client and the contractors, they really do go the extra mile to make sure our contractors are paid on time and accurately.

They take time out to discuss the best products for our engineers and guide them through what can be a complicated process ensuring compliance with all current financial regulations.

I would recommend Earn Extra as a payroll/Umbrella partner to any recruitment company who want their problems taken care of by a company who have always exceeded expectation."

Steve Olson


SDH Project Services Ltd



"SDH Project Services Ltd have worked with the Directors of Earn Extra since their inception and find the services levels remarkable in a traditional rigid marketplace driven by cut off times on a weekly basis. As an SME paying anywhere between 10 & 150 weekly contractors we found ourselves chasing authorized timesheets and in order to sometimes pay our contractors “same day” or even the “next day” we incurred significant costs from other umbrella companies to make sure that our contractors had cleared funds on a Friday.

Thanks to Earn Extra we now have a credit limit established through prompt payments so that when we need a favour to make a payment they do this with no questions asked and the working relationship is more akin with Client / Supplier trading and as such is far more personable and beneficial to all parties. I am not surprised this business is growing at a significant rate and I look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future knowing that our contractors are in safe hands with a Company who share the same vision as we do “The workforce is the most important part of our business.”   

I would recommend Earn Extra as a payroll/Umbrella partner to any Sub contract business like ours who want a more flexible approach in an otherwise rigid Industry."

Mark Hulin FIRP CertRP