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As a specialist umbrella and payroll company working in the telecoms, construction, overhead powerlines, utilities and civil engineering sectors – we’re committed to delivering the best outcomes.

For construction employers who want an easy solution to managing the employment of contractors. The Earn Extra CIS service will engage the operatives and ensure payments are made in accordance with the Construction Industry Scheme.

We are CIS registered and compliant, and with extensive construction sector knowledge we offer:

  • Simple telephone registration
  • Organisation of contractual and invoicing arrangements
  • Free CHAPS payment
  • Text and email pay alerts
  • Tax returns completed, where required

In-depth construction sector knowledge

Earn Extra works with many individuals and companies in the building and construction sector. Building on years of experience in this sector, we excel in providing advice and services to our contractors and agencies.

Keep employment costs low

As a construction employer we can help you with the employment and payroll management of your operatives. Leaving you to concentrate on your business. It's crucial in today's construction industry to stay lean, and the Earn Extra Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) will help you strengthen your business by helping you to reduce employment red-tape and administration.

Benefits of working with Earn Extra

Earn Extra will engage the operatives on your behalf. We will take responsibility for wage payments, statutory employment requirements, tax and any HMRC status enquiries. You simply need to provide us with the details of your operatives and their contact details. We will contact them and provide introduction and registration information.

One of our specialist services is On-Site Talks and Presentations. If you wish, we can come on-site and meet the operatives to explain what will be happening and help them to complete the Earn Extra registration pack.

Other service benefits include:

  • Payroll and expenses management
  • Deal with all payment queries
  • Free CHAPS payment guarantees the operatives/sub-contractors get paid on time*
  • Reduce paperwork for all parties by invoicing through a self-billing system, including the correct mark-ups
  • Quick and easy registration

*Provided all data is submitted to Earn Extra within the correct timeframes. 

Some of the advantages of partnering with Earn Extra are:

Industry - Legally compliant sub-contractor contracts to ensure CIS status.

Recruitment and retention
 - Attract and retain operatives by giving them the opportunity to maximise their take-home pay.

Business development - As you’ll be aware there are many responsibilities that you, as a business, are accountable for under this scheme. Earn Extra will guide you through the complexities to ensure everything is covered.

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Whether you are a contractor, client company or a recruitment agency, just talk to one of our friendly advisors for easy registration or to find out more: 
Call us on 01484 713147
Email info@earnextra.org.uk 
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Operating in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland

Earn Extra is experienced in providing services for companies and individuals operating in the Republic of Ireland. 
We are the experienced link between contractors, client companies and recruitment agencies working in the telecoms, construction, overhead powerlines, utilities and civil engineering sectors. Our services are fully-tailored to meet the requirements of the individual contractors, client companies and recruitment agencies operating in these sectors.
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Important Update

Onshore Employment Intermediaries: False Self-Employment -Guiding you through the new CIS-related legislation

As experts in the construction industry, Earn Extra is making its contractors, recruitment agencies and client companies aware of the legislation changes that come into force from 6 April 2014 and are designed to tackle 'false self employment' across all sectors, including those operating under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

Click here to download further information about this legislation change and if you require further advice and assistance please do talk to our expert advisors on 01484 713147 or click here to use our call-back service.