Team Spotlight - Sharon Suttle


Meet the boss! 

This month's Team Spotlight is shining on our very organised and highly experienced Sharon Suttle - Director & Co-Founder 
When and how did you join the Earn Extra team?
With professional experience in UK-based payroll and recruitment, I started the business in November 2006 with my co-founder John Jäkel.

Please describe the job roles you have held within Earn Extra from starting to present day.
I have always been the Operations Director within the business but in the beginning I covered multiple roles, from payroll and accounts to marketing and credit control, and of course, very importantly, chief tea maker and bottle washer!  

How does your current role contribute to the success of Earn Extra? What are your main job responsibilities?
The buck stops with me so I need to get it right first time, every time. Externally, I respond to client and contractor queries but also work with organisations like the Revenue, The Pensions Regulator and Data Protection. Internally, I am responsible for hiring staff, implementing systems and processes, monitoring and mentoring.

Describe your typical working day at Earn Extra.
Every day is different. At Earn Extra, we have short, medium and long-term business requirements planned in, so I work these in to my day but naturally, the business has additional needs that arise daily that have to be sorted swiftly. It’s never dull!

What is the one thing Earn Extra customers value most about you.
My flexibility and availability. I am available 24/7 and can access the system from anywhere in the world.

If you were a kitchen utensil what would it be? And why?
Swiss Army Knife – capable of undertaking a wide range of tasks efficiently.

Who do you admire, past and present, in the sector(s) in which Earn Extra operates (suppliers, agencies, colleagues, competitors, etc)?
I am proud of what I’ve achieved personally and professionally with Earn Extra. I admire Gabem. An organisation that was one of the originals in our industry.

Tell us one thing people may not be aware of about you (that you don’t mind us telling the world outside Earn Extra!)
I am a MASSIVE music fan and love nothing more than a gig or festival to enjoy a wide variety of genres. 

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