Team Spotlight – John Jäkel


Meet the other boss!

When and how did you join the Earn Extra team?

With previous director-level experience working in both UK payroll and UK and international recruitment, I established Earn Extra in November 2006 with my co-founder Sharon Suttle.

Please describe the job roles you have held within Earn Extra from starting to present day

From the outset, my role has been that of Director. When we started I did everything from formulating the service lines to ensuring that we operated within legal guidelines. I also remember building rather a lot of furniture back in the early days! 

In my role I oversee everything that happens within Earn Extra and spend a lot of my time on business development, contractor workshops, training and change management.  

How does your current role contribute to the success of Earn Extra? What are your main job responsibilities?

My main responsibility is growing the Earn Extra business through both existing clients and prospects.

Internally I tend to get involved when there are changes in legislation, or when a business critical service provider, such as an accountant, lawyer or software provider, is being appointed. I support with staff training, marketing and the management of the business in general and conduct advice and training sessions to groups of contract workers.

Describe a typical working day at Earn Extra

There really isn’t a ‘typical’ day. My days are planned out in advance, however given the fact that we are in a people business it is vital to have flexibility in the schedule to cater for the unexpected, which can be very good but also challenging. My time is divided between visiting clients at their offices or on site, being in the office with the team or working remotely at home, formulating legally compliant solutions that work for all parties.

What is the one thing Earn Extra customers value most about you

They know that I understand and have experienced every angle of the contract worker, contractor, agency and client company relationship and therefore will provide a workable solution.

If you were a kitchen utensil what would it be? And why?

I would be a food processor with a full set of gadgets! In my role I have to provide solutions and ideas using my knowledge and experience, so mixing, blending, slicing, chopping is very much part of that!

Who do you admire, past and present, in the sectors in which Earn Extra operates?

I admire the team I have the pleasure of working with each day to deliver our service. Also, I have great admiration for anyone who has risen to the challenge of starting their own business and made it successful within the agency and contractor market.

I feel proud of my achievements with Earn Extra, it’s been a true journey

Tell us one thing people may not be aware of about you 

- that you don’t mind us telling the world outside Earn Extra!

I am a massive ‘petrol head’ and love following motorsport, especially the Mercedes AMG F1 Team who are World Champions again this year.

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