Team Spotlight - Alex Robson

Alex is our office Manager

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When and how did you join the Earn Extra team?
I can't quite believe it - I joined Earn Extra in February 2007 and I'm now the Office Manager. 

How does your current role contribute to the success of Earn Extra?
What are your main job responsibilities?
With a structured Earn Extra team ‘cross training’ programme integrated into our working day, every day, I am trained to do many of the administrative tasks that make sure your take home pay is correct, payments are made on-time, multiple contracts are accounted and, that you are kept up-to-date with employment legislation.

My day-to-day job involves processing all payrolls, dealing with client and contracting employee queries and supervising the head office team. 

What is the Earn Extra cross-training programme?
It’s all about learning what the rest of the team does and how they do their jobs. Since my ‘cross training’ programme started, I have learnt how to: input expenses, invoice, process payroll, undertake reconciliations, amend wage errors, run reports am also aware of revenue payments cut off points

and how to apply CSA deductions and court order set-ups. 

What is the main benefit of the programme?
As a result I am now much more able to prioritise and allocate the team’s work effectively, help the team out if they haven’t completed everything, assist with queries and importantly, set new goals and objectives for the team so we continue to improve the Earn Extra Service.

What would you say you like doing in your spare time?
I love going to concerts, reading, watching films at the cinema and spending time with my family and friends.

What are the things you really don't like?
I can’t stand arrogance and bullying in any situation. Oh and I can’t stand heights either!

If you could meet anyone famous dead or alive it would be?
As a huge fan of his work, it would be Walt Disney. 

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